Let’s talk about them! Let’s not forget about them!

Today I bring to the section ‘Sorority Contributions‘ a proposal from a very dear friend, a tireless companion of my paths. Those who know me, know I never stop moving and working for what I think is right, its been a while since an action has motivate me as much as this one, it might be the constant need not to loose memory…

Let’s talk about them!

This is the first time I write on your blog, but not the first time we talk about these kind of issues. The path is the same and the struggle is endless. You recently shared a post titled «Nobody cries for Syria». I thought that no one really cries for anyone in these times of loneliness and abandonment. We forgot how to mourn for someone else.

The article quoted UNICEF data stating that more than 4 million children are in danger, and you commented: “Although it is not fashionable to talk about them, sadly it is still happening.” And so, fashion after fashion, life is passing in loneliness and abandonment.

I don’t want to give up. I am not the kind of person who follows trends. I do not want them to feel alone. I always remember that there are women all around the world suffering realities that they have never asked to live. I want to do something for them and shout to the world that I do not agree with any of their realities; that I don’t cry alone, because I know that you cry as well.

I keep very deep in my mind the picture of a friend of mine, who used to wear black polish on his small finger nail. One day somebody asked him why he did that and my friend replied, “so curious people talk!”.

Today I want everyone to talk about something. I want them to talk and remember all the women and girls in the world who are suffering various forms of violence and are being killed daily in the midst of armed conflicts (Colombia, Syria, Mexico, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Canada…)  because, even if talking is just a small thing regarding the disaster they are living, talking is greater than the indifference we feel.

That is why, after talking with you, we decided we are going to take a symbolic action. From today on and until everyone talks, we are going to wear purple nail polish on our small finger nail (the right one or the left one, it doesn’t matter since right or left-handed we are all the same). So, when someone asks the reason why we do so, we can tell them that this is the way we remember day after day every single woman and girl. That we share a genre with them that makes us vulnerable, but also gets us together, generates synergy, and gets us to organize ourselves to make our needs visible. We want to create awareness about those situations that threaten every single human being’s integrity, especially women and girls in the middle of conflict.

Why the small finger’s nail? Because even thought it might seem invisible, it is always there. We want to make their reality visible. Although no one talks about it, their suffering still there; they have to handle it and it hurts us. Nail polish is almost permanent. It doesn’t go away when you wash your hands. Why purple? Because it is the colour we associate for women’s vindication.

Join us and wear purple nail polish on your small’s finger nail! So when they ask you why you do so, you can tell them it is to encourage an open discussion about women and girls all around the world who are suffering in the middle of the war and conflicts. So we can remember about them and never forget about their fight.

Let’s talk about them! Let’s not forget about them! 

Paola Andrea Torres Amaya 

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