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Free Hosting Solutions

Free 4images Web Hosting

With FreeHostia's free hosting plan you can install over 40 web applications besides 4images directly from your web hosting control panel. The integrated 1-click free web applications installer, called Elefante Installer, does the job for you. You just choose the applications to be installed and point the location in your free hosting account (could be the root of your domain) and it does the job for you.


Free osCommerce Hosting

osCommerce is a very popular e-commerce system widely used by web store owners. It is a free PHP-based web application that is available with FreeHostia’s web apps installer and could easily be installed on the e-commerce free hosting plan offered by FreeHostia. With osCommerce and the free web hosting plan you get a totally free e-commerce solution and you can start your free e-store in a matter of minutes. osCommerce has a long list of features, including a product catalog with categories and sub-categories, user management, shipping and tax fees setup, e-cart, etc.


Free Hosting Provider

With Free Hostia's cluster hosting platform you will get fast loading speeds and good uptime. Without a doubt you should choose FreeHostia if you are looking for a reliable free web hosting provider.


Free PHP Webspace

Some top free web hosting providers actually offer an excellent free PHP hosting service but then they put forced ads on your web site, like 100WebSpace. There are just several that truly give you free PHP web hosting with no ads.


Free WordPress Hosting

WordPress is an open-source free web application and it could be installed in less than five minutes with FreeHostia's 1-click installer. The Elefante installer is integrated within FreeHostia's web hosting control panel and it is included with the free hosting plan. You can choose between 40+ free PHP scripts. All of them could be installed with just a few clicks with no technical knowledge required. FreeHostia's servers are optimized for PHP-based web applications and WordPress and other PHP scripts run fast and smoothly.


Reliable Free No Ads Web Hosting

With FreeHostia.com's robust server cluster hosting network you will experience fast loading speeds and perfect uptime. Without a doubt FreeHostia is an excellent choice if you need free hosting.